Daim Yoon
Hi, Thanks for visiting here!

At my core, I am a senior product designer who believes that a highly effective digital design strategy requires insight into the intersection of design, business, technology and the user.  My strengths encompass defining the product vision, crafting compelling people’s story and designing a seamless experience that impacts our society across complex ecosystems. I thrive on collaborating with interdisciplinary teams and solving business problems through design thinking to envision experiences that delight users and business in the long run.  I am a well-disciplined person in full-spectrum of design from Graphic design, Interaction & UX design to Service design. However, I see the design, not a skill set, but rather as a way of looking in the real world. I fundamentally believe that design should combine practical solutions with long-term thinking to ensure we place no one in harm's way.

I’ve been fortunate to work as a designer in some of the world’s best-known consultancies, agencies and in-house design teams over ten years in a wide range of sectors in Entertainment & Media, Education, Financial and Telecommunication for both consumer and enterprise products. Recently, I worked as a UX Consultant at IBM iX, and I learned about infusing UX design strategy into the complex organisational DNA.  It was a great adventure to discover my interests in dissecting and probing design problems until solved in various contexts.

Previously, I worked on a core project in Cisco for video conferencing technology. As a first-hired UX designer in Cisco UK - Video Conferencing, I evangelised new UX methods & value to the very engineering-focused team with data-informed design thinking strategy and prototyping on-demand. Before that, I worked at Native Design with world-class companies like Samsung, Bang & Olufsen and HP. During working at the top class design agency in Seoul, my designs were featured in the media and honoured with awards. But the curiosity of bringing User-centric Design first led me to icy Northern Europe to study Interaction & Service Design at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design).

I am learning every day and get inspired by people when I act in the real world, and also I feel the most achievement when I can inspire others.  

Currently, I am reading a lot of graphic novels and self-learning about MBA. I am also a mummy of two kids who made me a master chef of Korean cuisine and an illustrator of their daily lives and a piano player first time in 20years.

If you want to chat with me - Please don't hesitate to reach out.


Connecting a healthy relationship with empathy
I care deeply about creating a meaningful experience with people to attend their inner world of thoughts and feelings. A good collaboration meets with good results.

Tackle today's problem with future thinking
I envision the possibilities of tomorrow by solving today's problems. Considering an entire journey rather than changing a few interface elements.

Adaptive alternatives
I desire to invent or examine design strategies and methods, the more flexibility, the more adaptability for a better way since the world is constantly changing.